About Us

About Us
SHEMFORD Roing is a branch of SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools which is the Senior School Chain of SHEMROCK – the first Play School Chain in India. Launched in 2009, SHEMFORD today has more than 100 branches in 17 States, making it one of the fastest growing school chains in the world. Acknowledging the quick success of the brand, SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools have been awarded by The Limca Book of Records 2013 for “Most Schools Launched In Shortest Time”. Also, SHEMFORD has been awarded as “The Most Promising Brand of Schools in North India” by the Brands Academy. The school chain has also received the title of the “Fastest Growing School Chain of the Year” by the TIME Research Business Leadership Awards, 2013.

Our Vision
With an in-house R&D division, which is constantly tuned into the newest of technologies and with the best team of academicians, SHEMFORD Roing is the top school in Arunachal Pradesh. The essence of learning at SHEMFORD Roing is best captured by its motto – ‘Where Learning Comes Alive!’

SHEMFORD Roing is a pioneer in quality education, dedicated to constantly upgrading its unique & futuristic ShemEduMAX™ system of education, which is one of its kind in the school fraternity.

SHEMFORD is a dynamic educational community created by the interaction of committed faculty and enthusiastic parents.

The vision of SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools extends beyond the narrow walls of classroom and textbooks. At SHEMFORD, we believe that education is all about preparing and equipping young pupil for life and not just for school. With this philosophy as our source of inspiration, we aim to provide a stimulating environment wherein children enjoy learning and can also perform to the best of their abilities, in all areas of our extensive curriculum. By providing inclusive education at SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools, we also aim to build the capacity in our children to accept the challenges of life.